IT Consultant Wins IR35 Personal Service Company Case

The government have been consulting on extending the personal service company rules that currently apply to public sector workers to those in the private sector, but in the meantime tax tribunal decisions are still being decided against HMRC.

Young ProfessionalIn a recent case involving an IT consultant working on various projects to implement the new Universal Credit system, the First Tier Tax Tribunal decided that the consultant would not have been an employee if directly engaged. A key factor was that the level of control over the consultant fell far below the sufficient degree required to demonstrate a contract of service. 

And Football Referees are Self-Employed

refereeThe degree of control was also held to be a critical factor in determining that football referees in charge of matches in the Championship and lower leagues were self-employed. HMRC were arguing that the referees should be taxed as employees and subject to PAYE. Interestingly, those refereeing Premier League matches are employees of the Premier League and HMRC are expected to appeal the decision of the First Tier Tribunal.