Starting a Business


Everyone has had a dream at some time of starting their own business. For some, this becomes a reality. The statistics for new business failure in the first 3 years is daunting but with proper planning and advice from the outset, you can increase your chances of success considerably.

Starting a Business

We offer a free initial consultation lasting up to 2 hours to anyone who is in the process of starting a new business.

If you are thinking of starting a new business it is important to take the right professional advice in the planning stages to help you define your future plans. This can help to avoid potentially costly mistakes being made. We will then help you nurture your new business to reach its full potential.

We will provide you with a copy of our New Business Kit for your future reference.

At Shapcotts we tailor the service to meet your requirements. Our services include:

  • Status advice
    • Helping you decide on the most suitable structure for your business; limited company, limited liability partnership, ordinary partnership or sole trader.
    • Tax advice based on each structure.
  • Incorporation Service.
    • Assisting you with formation of a company and providing you with the details needed to control this.
  • Cash flow Projection and Business Plan.
    • We can produce a business plan which includes a projected profit & loss account, balance sheet and a cashflow forecast.
    • Borrowing requirements which will be necessary for acquiring bank loans.
    • Budget to help benchmark expected costs against actual costs.
    • Establishing borrowing requirements which will be necessary for acquiring bank loans and overdraft facilities.

Once the business is ready to start we can discuss support from our other services.

As part of our services we have introduced Shapcotts Business Academy. This is a series of free Webinars that is run several times during the year.

To assist those thinking of starting up in business or are in the process of setting up, we have a Webinar called “First Things First – Starting a Business”. This covers reviewing the viability of your business, what business structures are available (including the implications of your selection) and a few other useful tips.

If you would like to Register for this free Webinar or find out when the next Webinar is, head to our website and view the Webinars page.

Company Formations

Once you have made the decision that a Limited Company is the right route to go, we at Shapcotts can arrange the incorporation of the company .

Our Company Formations Services includes:

  • Provision of specialist advice on company formation
  • Completion of formation documents
  • Advice on company structure
  • Assisting with Shareholders' Agreements
  • Meeting to discuss director responsibilities
  • Assisting with Directors' Agreements

We can then, if required, deal with all company secretarial compliance work and provide our own office address as the registered office address for your company.