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Stamp Duty Land Tax – Recent Rulings

In a recent ruling, HMRC has lost a case at the tax tribunal where the higher stamp duty rate was not payable. So what happened? A couple purchased an uninhabitable property so completed the Stamp Duty return on the basis that they would only pay a stamp duty bill of £1,500. However, when HMRC received […]

Read more July 4th, 2019

HMRC Loses IR35 Case

In a February news article, we reported the Tax Tribunal decision involving Christa Ackroyd Media Ltd, a company set up by a TV presenter to supply her services to the BBC, where it was held that the IR35 personal service company rules applied to the arrangements. In a recent case involving a night manager on […]

Read more May 8th, 2018

Can I Claim My Legal Expenses?

The answer to this question is that it depends what your legal expenses relate to. So let us cover a few examples in our article today. Generally, legal fees are capital if they relate to a capital matter, such as the purchase of a property. Therefore costs incurred in respect of acquiring, adding to or […]

Read more April 10th, 2018

7 Most Commonly Asked Questions About Contract Of Employment

1. Do I need to provide them? Yes! A written statement of particulars of employment must be provided within two months of the employee starting employment, however as soon as possible is best practice. This contains the terms that legally you must agree with the employee. Employers can then choose to include other terms and […]

Read more August 21st, 2017

Self Employed Contractor – Or Are They An Employee?

The recent supreme court judgement upheld the court of appeals decision in Autoclenz vs. Belcher and others that workers engaged as car valeters were in fact employees and not self-employed. The claim by Autoclenz that a substitution clause in the contracts which obligated the workers to provide a substitute to carry out the service when […]

Read more September 22nd, 2011