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Growing a Business

Once a business becomes established it is important to have a positive approach to developing the business further. Businesses that stand still tend to eventually decline and will be open to growing competition. To grow your business you must ensure it remains relevant to the demands of customers, seizes opportunities to expand and diversify, but makes sure it does not over-stretch its resources (over-trade).

To help plan, manage and troubleshoot your business we are able to offer assistance in the following areas:

  •  Business Planning
  •  Management Accounts
  • Management Consultancy

Business Planning

We can provide assistance to you by:

  •  Benchmarking your business
  •  Preparing Budgets
  •  Preparing Profit Forecasts
  •  Preparing cash flow forecasts
  •  Providing guidance on how to monitor performance
  • Minimise tax liability
  • Cut costs and make expense savings
  • Maximise profit margins

Management Accounts

Businesses need to have up to date reliable information to ensure the business is trading profitably, help make business decisions and to identify problem areas.

At Shapcotts we are able to prepare and finalise from your own bookkeeping records, monthly or quarterly management accounts to ensure you always have reliable and accurate information on which to base your business decisions.

This can be done as an add-on to our bookkeeping service or as a separate ad-hoc service. We can also attend your premises to take your computerised bookkeeping from trial balance stage to final management accounts, or take your manual records to prepare final management accounts.

The work will be discussed with you in advance to ensure it is always going to meet your business needs and time-scales.

Please contact us on 01332 680540 to discuss the management accounts that you require.