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An increasing number of people are looking to invest in property either to obtain a better return on surplus cash or as an alternative pension source, and we can advise on all aspects of your investment from beginning to end.


We will assist you in making the decision on how to structure your investment. This could be having the properties in your own name or holding them in a Limited Company. It is of great importance to make the right choice at the outset as it can be costly to make changes at a later date.

Tax Efficiency

Within the chosen structure, we will ensure you achieve the most tax efficient position, and review this regularly to ensure it remains that way.


We will advise on the types of expenditure you can claim against rental income, that which would be classed as additions to the property cost, and any restrictions which have been put in place by H M Revenue & Customs.

Property Portfolio

We can advise on and support the development of your property portfolio, not only from a taxation point of view, but also in respect of the other practical problems you may experience from the very first stages. We can also carry out a property portfolio review to ensure you are making the most from your investment.

VAT and CIS Advice

We will advise on when and how you would need to consider VAT and CIS implications, depending on the type of investment project you are undertaking.

Property Specific Webinars and Newsletters

We provide regular information via these sources to keep you abreast of the latest developments in this area.

Exit Strategy

By being involved in your project from the outset, we can then ensure your exit strategy is planned correctly to avoid any unnecessary capital gains and inheritance tax issues.