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Other Services

Shapcotts also offer a variety of other services including Business ValuationPersonal Service Companies (IR35)Tax EnquiriesTax Investigation ServiceSolicitors Accounts Rules and Personal Financial Advice. Please view below to find out more about these services. If the service you require is not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Business Valuation

Businesses need to be valued for a variety of reasons. These are normally for selling, refinancing or buying a new business. At Shapcotts we will firstly meet with you to discuss your exact requirements and then, using specialist software, prepare a report before arranging a further meeting to discuss the results and the options available to achieve your aims.

Personal Service Companies (IR35)

We are able to offer advice on how to structure your company and business to avoid personal service company tax issues. Where this cannot be avoided, we can advise on the tax implications of being classed as a personal service company.

Personal Financial Advice

We can give general advice on a range of financial matters such as mortgages, pensions and insurance. If you then wish to receive tailored advice to action your plans, we can refer you to an independent financial advisor who is experienced in all areas of finance.

Tax Investigation Service

A tax investigation can be costly. To help protect our clients we are able to arrange a service to help with the cost of a tax or VAT investigation for any tax returns we have completed on your behalf. This service also provides clients with unlimited access to a 24 hour legal helpline for advice on matters including Employment and Personnel, Health and Safety and other commercial issues.

Tax Enquiries

H.M. Revenue & Customs (HMRC) has the power to examine your business or personal tax returns in minute detail up to 12 months after their submission. This is to ensure full and accurate disclosure has been made of all income and that only allowable expenses and reliefs have been claimed.

Tax enquiries can be undertaken without reason whether you are guilty of an offence or not.

We are very experienced in dealing with all types of tax, VAT and National Insurance disputes and have the support of additional specialists as appropriate. If you have recently received a notice of enquiry from HMRC and require assistance in dealing with this, please contact us on 01332 680540.

As a further service for those clients we already act for we offer them a service that defrays the cost of any tax enquiry. Please see the section below for further details.

Solicitors Regulations Authority Accounts Rules

As registered auditors, we are qualified to undertake work under the Solicitors Regulations Authority Accounts Rules and currently act for a number of local firms of solicitors. If you require a cost effective and friendly personal service please call Kimberley Shapcott for a free initial interview.