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Budget Summary Autumn 2017

The Chancellor Philip Hammond presented his first Autumn Budget on Wednesday 22 November 2017. Our summary focuses on the tax measure which may affect you, your family and your business. To help you decipher what was said we have included our own comments. If you have any questions please contact us for advice. We have […]

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6 Tips For Being A Better Manager

Not all managers are created equal. There are plenty of good managers and then there are great managers. Here are some key points on how to be a better manager: 1. Mistakes are an opportunity to learn. When a member of your team makes a mistake, use it as an opportunity to work with that […]

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Value-Based Pricing

A value-based pricing strategy is one which sets prices primarily, (but not exclusively), in line with the perceived or estimated value of a product or service to the customer rather than according to the cost of the product or historical prices. Value-based pricing is not about racing to the bottom along with your competitors. It’s […]

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HMRC Change Accepted Payment Options

After a fall in demand for the service, HMRC have announced they will be withdrawing the option to pay at a Post Office from 15th December 2017. Following this, they will also no longer accept payments via personal credit card from 13th January 2018. Although personal debit cards and corporate credit cards will still continue […]

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