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Aligning Your Marketing And Sales

In many businesses, marketing and sales functions are not very joined up. Sales and marketing teams typically work in silos. Marketing focuses on communication and supporting the buyer’s journey, while sales teams nurture leads and close the deals. Sales and marketing alignment refers to sales and marketing teams that share resources and adopt streamlined processes […]

Read more December 21st, 2021

Snow & Adverse Weather Conditions

As we enter Winter, we might see some snow and ice conditions in the UK making it difficult for employees to travel to and from work. As an employer what do I need to do regarding employees wages during adverse weather conditions? If an employee does not come to work because of the bad weather […]

Read more December 20th, 2021

Top Tips For Building Trust Among Your Team

To build a high performing business, managers need to cultivate trust among the whole team. Trust is the glue that sticks the team together in any business. Trust is built through transparent and authentic leadership. For example, if things don’t go to plan, authentic managers are the ones who raise their hand and admit they […]

Read more December 20th, 2021

Returning Employees

Returning employees, workers who decided to leave their employers and take on a new job elsewhere, only to return to their former employer sometime later. A lot has been written about the great resignation – where one in four UK employees have recently changed job or they are thinking about doing so. The great resignation […]

Read more December 17th, 2021

Time For A Real Christmas Party?

Last year many businesses put on a “virtual” Christmas party event and HMRC agreed that would be acceptable in order for there to be no taxable benefit for the employees involved. There continues to be no taxable benefit for employees provided that all staff are invited, and the cost does not exceed £150 a head, […]

Read more December 9th, 2021

Trust Planning Opportunities

Despite rumours that the tax planning strategy would be closed in the Budget, the Capital Gains Tax (CGT) hold over relief when assets are transferred into or out of a trust is still available. This relief currently enables a non-business asset, such as an investment property, to be transferred without paying CGT. The relief applies […]

Read more December 8th, 2021

Advisory Fuel Rates For Company Cars December 2021

HMRC have again increased the advisory fuel rates that apply for the reimbursement of employees’ private fuel for their company cars. The new rates apply from 1 December 2021, but you can continue to use the previous rates for up to 1 month from the date the new rates apply. Where there has been a […]

Read more December 7th, 2021

Reporting CJRS Furlough Grants

The latest version of the CT600 Corporation Tax Return requires companies to report CJRS furlough grant payments received and the amounts that the company was entitled to during the period. Where any overpayments have already been disclosed to HMRC that amount should be reported. The total amount overclaimed should then be entered in box 526. […]

Read more December 6th, 2021

No Change To Christmas Gift Tax

Many were expecting the chancellor to announce changes to Inheritance Tax (IHT) in his Autumn Budget. However, like Capital Gains Tax (CGT), the rules have remained broadly the same as last year. That means that each tax year individuals may make gifts of up to £3,000 in total and that amount is not included in […]

Read more December 6th, 2021